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About Little Tikes™

The Little Tikes™ Company was founded in 1970 in Hudson, OH. The company is a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high- quality, innovative children’s products. Little Tikes™ pioneered rotational molding in the manufacturing of children’s products. Little Tikes™ emulates brand loyalty through durable, safe, and imaginative active play. We are known for our playhouses, ride-ons, sports, sandboxes, climbers, slides, role-play, creative arts, infant, preschool and juvenile furniture.

Next Level Toy eCommerce

I was hired at Little Tikes as a Front-End Developer to work with specific templates on an eCommerce system called Venda. I was then moved to a Lead position and tasked to RFP for a new platform. When we found MI-9 Retail, I designed and developed the templates used throughout the site saving the company thousands in the site build. Site sales and traffic has increased 20% since launch.

Web Technologies

Sales Growth

  • Website Traffic 20% 20%

Re-platform Redesign

With the re-platform from Venda to MI-9 Retail, a re-branding of Little Tikes, mainly in product packaging, was in full swing. The feel of the site had to mimic this re-branding. I was also tasked to make the site fully responsive. Here is the result of the project.

Play Big Re-brand

In light of the Little Tikes 50th Anniversary, the company wanted to re-brand the look and message of Little Tikes to a more upbeat and “punchy” look and feel. In late 2018, I redesigned Little Tikes with their new “Play Big” campaign and launched early 2019 to celebrate “play” with the world.

Third-Party Plugin Integrations

With big eCommece websites, come big third-party software. The main three third-party software plug-ins used on both instances of the Little Tikes sites are Bronto, Power Reviews, and Pricespider’s Where to Buy. These plug-ins were mainly my responsibility to implement and maintain on the Venda site. These plug-ins do have a back-end component and since I do have back-end development experience, I also was able to create the necessary code to implement the daily feeds and API data calls to get where we needed to be.

Marketing Emails

Along with the Bronto integration, I also created an number marketing emails used to be sent to consumers on a weekly basis. Here are a number of emails I have created through Bronto.

Blog Introduction

Even with big toy company status, Little Tikes still was missing key web presences – one of those being a blog. Along with the redesign I implemented a WordPress site which host Little Tikes’ continuous blog feeds and announcements. It also hosts various company info including careers and recalls.